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These themes look at the more creative aspects of modern culture while also dipping back occasionally into older ideas, writings and history where this seems pertinent or relevant to the discussion at hand (most are within the last fifty years or so, and the majority are fairly recent). The thinking behind this was largely as a way of exploring ideas contained within books, films, music, and so on that may connect with other themes covered here. I’m also imagining this page may form a reference list of sorts for anyone looking for one.

Under Culture, I will mainly be drawing on books I’ve read over the years that address topics such as society, communication, environment, history, education, philosophy, spirituality, and the like; although in a few posts I’ll be talking instead about podcasts, blogs, music, or film. This may take the form of summarising a certain text and addressing its overall concerns, or at times I may end up focusing more on specific ideas or questions raised. It’s essentially where I’ll be considering what others have written about or sought to understand, relating that to other content here.

Writings under Art are concerned more with the position of creativity and artistic work within our society as a whole – the way arts are valued in modern life; the compromises that may arise out of cooperation with more economic interests; and ways this intersects with popular culture and consumption.

Posts on Art:


Posts on Culture:

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