Economy and Values

The theme of Economy & Values could be seen to relate to everything; in that much of what we encounter can be viewed in terms of the value it holds. And in using these terms, I am in a way setting the economic against other systems of valuation: it may be that everything has its price, but whether that price is a true reflection of its value is a different matter. It seems to me that Western civilisation adheres quite strongly to economic values; that this often takes precedence over many other considerations in life.

With the Economy, I tend to see this as a way of looking at the world around us and shaping our relationship with it; with economics then offering a way of understanding that relationship, of analysing or predicting how that’s working out and might continue to do so. I’m no economist, but it seems to be a way of thinking that must also make sense to the rational observer; and also a way of being that needs our understanding.

In contrast, the list of Values could presumably go on forever. Do we value the environment; the social fabric of the life we’re creating; the worlds of thought, philosophy, meaning; concepts of beauty, simplicity, balance; or the notion of leaving a better world, and applying ourselves wisely in what we do? There are many concerns we could place first, should we choose to.

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