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Under these titles I’m generally trying to get to grips with cultural dialogue, and where and how that takes place in modern life. It seems in many ways this is shifting towards highly responsive, fast-moving online conversations which – one could argue – lack accountability or an evident code of responsibility; raising concerns over its influence in our lives. Without any pre-conceptions, I’m writing here to explore this and maybe find ways these systems could evolve to better meet human needs and move society forward with wisdom and consideration.

Writings under the theme of the Web look mainly at the usage of modern technology such as the internet and social media; exploring issues including privacy and empathy, as well as the possible challenges and opportunities offered by the internet. At times this may seem critical, but in general I’m just attempting to step back and reflect on where things stand from a human perspective – wondering where this is headed and whether we might have a role to play in influencing that.

The Media theme focuses on the more public voices of news and journalism: the level and tone of public dialogue, and the challenges that faces in modern times around issues of responsibility, democracy, objectivity, and reliability. Connected with technology, it seems mainstream media is struggling in some ways to operate between conflicting influences and demands, raising interesting questions over its power and responsibility in shaping our lived realities.

Posts on Web:

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Posts on Media:


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