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Where the line can be drawn between the self and the mind is a question in itself, but in these posts I address two themes that seem of central importance to how we live, how we relate to others, the choices we make, how we feel about our existence and manage it, and other related concerns. This covers a broad area and crosses over in some respects with themes like Society, Communication, Education, Economy & Values, and even Spirit. Posts here hopefully serve more to unite those thoughts that most directly approach the inner life and worth of each one of us.

Under Self I write mainly about how our society encourages us to see ourselves, the messages we receive about our value, and the level of dialogue around the ideas of self and inner worth. This might take the form of exploring views on age, beauty, self-esteem, and cultural attitudes; or of considering the value of human life, ethics and independence more generally.

When writing about Mind, I’m looking more at how we think about self, existence and our place in society – the meaning we draw from it all. This could be classified as mental health, but I’m choosing to term it otherwise. It seems to me that the inner life, the human being, the soul or spirit if you will – however it is that you view your self – isn’t given much space or care for the time being, and in writing about this I’m hoping that can change.

Posts on Mind:


Posts on Self:

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