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What makes a good life

This blog, these writings, are my way of trying to express how I see things. Sometimes that’s quite complex, it can also be feisty or a little blunt, and at times it’s more poetic or nebulous. This post is probably the latter. It’s not a recipe for a good life, but an idea as to what a good life may be.

Life for me can be seen as an interplay of light and dark, good and bad, as in art: the line taken between these elements, the tension and its resolution. So we are all these unique actors dealing with our own mix of the dark and the light, trying to find the dance, the way of moving between and resolving this tension of opposites. Clearly there are as many dances as there are people, but the creative activity of “finding our way” and turning it for good seems to be one way of looking at life.

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