EbbSpark covers a wide range of ideas, so these pages are here to provide something of a thematic overview. These in a way encapsulate most of life, but I hope in separating them out and also weaving them together that meaning and relationship may become clearer.

Below is a brief summary of themes, the titles forming links to dedicated theme pages that summarise, provide some context, and consolidate links to all relevant posts:

Spirit & Nature – Two themes that look at the forces behind the world around us, if you will. Whether that is more “formal” spirituality, the “popular” adoption of spiritual practices, the intrinsic hidden nature of humanity, or the display of life shown through the natural world.

Mind & Self – Questions about the essence of self worth and human value, and how this may relate to attitudes apparent in our society and culture. Also, more specifically, considering mental health in our times and what that may mean.

Web & Media – Themes considering realities of media (so news, public voices, advertising, television etc.) and the internet, in the sense that they show us the kind of world we are creating and sustaining in consuming, contributing to and allowing this cultural content.

Economy and Values –  Posts concerned with the values underpinning Western society, including implications for environment, human nature, and society on a smaller as well as a global scale.

Culture & Art – Those posts that take cultural references as starting points for discussion (e.g. books, films, blogs, music) and also some looking more directly at the position of arts and creativity within our culture.

Society, Community & Education – Three large themes, essentially considering the nature of society and the fundamental importance of these activities. So, posts looking at social phenomena in daily life, at community and what that means, and at education as the way in which we communicate our values and priorities to shape the future.

Change & Communication – Two slightly interconnected themes focussing on the process of change and the essence of communication (both in relation to change and as a social function in general).