Spirit & Nature

Whether these themes deserve to be grouped together or not, I feel they both encapsulate us in a certain sense: the visible and invisible world of nature that surrounds and sustains us; and the beliefs we may hold or deny as to whether there is more to life than meets the eye. That’s the main reason I chose to pair them together, alongside some more logistical decisions concerning web design.

So, under the theme of Spirit I’ll be talking a little about spirituality itself and its modern incarnations, but will likely focus more on the search for meaning, the idea of the human spirit, and the place these concerns hold in our modern and predominantly economic society. It’s more a place of questioning, of trying to understand where this sits within modern life and whether it’s as irrelevant as is sometimes implied.

Then posts written about Nature will look more broadly at the natural world: at animals, plants, our natural environment and how we value and interact with these things in our everyday lives. This isn’t so much looking at our transactional relationships of food and resource management as at softer, more poetic aspects of how we view and tend our gardens, local spaces, or the wild and domesticated animals in our midst.

By their nature, both of these themes are likely going to be more poetic and philosophical than my other writing here; although I will seek to ground them slightly in practical concerns and realities of life.

Posts on Spirit:


Posts on Nature:


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