Change & Communication

I suspect the reason I’ve placed these two slightly disparate themes together is the same reasoning that runs as an undercurrent in much of my writing: that I feel change is intrinsically linked with communication. It seems to me that through seeking to understand one another – through communicating and putting ourselves in the position to see things through another’s eyes, shaped by their experiences – then we may be able to find better ways of living together and shaping the society surrounding us. For me, any attempt at change that doesn’t incorporate genuine communication seems destined to fall short of fully understanding what’s needed.

So, writings about Change will be looking at some of the trends within modern activism or other social movements that ultimately seek to improve how we live or address the challenges we are facing. I hope to explore how the tools offered us by technology might help broaden or deepen such a dialogue; and also ways we might be able to connect more widely in finding solutions.

With Communication posts, I want to look more at the essence of communicating and some of the difficulties we are presented with in trying to reach mutual understanding and respect.  Social dialogue seems to be struggling to find its place within modern civilisation, but without it we seem destined to labour under these incomplete pictures of reality that might limit the effectiveness of our attempts at progress.

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