EbbSpark Pathways image Attacks on our humanity (Thu, 25 Jul 2019) - What exactly does it “mean” to be human? Individually as much as collectively, what do our lifetimes entail and create? What “makes” us who we are, and what’s the right way to be going about it all?… (...)
EbbSpark Olives image Life’s never been simpler… (Tue, 23 Jul 2019) - It can quite easily be argued that life's never been simpler than now. That prolonged peace, relative prosperity and general well-being make the modern Western human more sheltered, safe and well-equipped than at any time in history.… (...)
EbbSpark Nails image Overwhelm and resignation (Sat, 20 Jul 2019) - What can we do when so many things, almost completely outside our control, keep assailing us? Situations, images, assertions, statements, facts, lies, retellings of things people have or haven’t really done. Perhaps, some version of the classic… (...)
EbbSpark Metals image The real value of creativity? (Thu, 18 Jul 2019) - Creativity’s presumably this age-old human function of applying ingenuity to the resources we have in hand or problems we're hoping to solve. All the ways we look at our world and add something to it, another layer… (...)



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