EbbSpark White Blossoms image Making things up as we go along (Thu, 28 Nov 2019) - How much in life are we essentially now just making up to suit ourselves? Deciding which beliefs, which attitudes, values and practices we’ll adopt in our lives and how closely we’ll adhere to them. This mini culture-of-self that might easily expand into a group culture or various conflicting group cultures. It’s fascinating… (...)
EbbSpark Chains image Power and potential (Tue, 26 Nov 2019) - In a certain sense, aren’t we more powerful than the mass of humanity has ever been? This power that comes with knowledge, with the connections of thought and where they can lead. Then, the power that connectedness offers on the more human level: the psychological reassurance of connecting with people rather than… (...)
EbbSpark TwoCones image Goods & the wisdom in scarcity (Thu, 21 Nov 2019) - Sometimes I wonder if scarcity doesn’t contain its own form of wisdom, in how it effectively focuses in on what really matters. Whereas, with novelty and excess, it’s almost as if we lose that “line” between what we truly need and everything else that’s on offer. Isn’t there a sense of indulgence… (...)
EbbSpark Tide image Losing the sense of meaning (Tue, 19 Nov 2019) - In life, do we see “meaning” as something to be given, found or created? What difference does it make? Is there any need for meaning at all? It generally does seem we look for it on some level – asking what things say about us or what matters within the bigger picture.… (...)
EbbSpark Cloud Colours image Literature that’s treating the soul (Sat, 16 Nov 2019) - Modern bookshops sometimes seem inundated by literature that, for want of a better term, concerns itself with soul – the inner life of beliefs, attitudes, feelings, struggles and so forth. As if there's been this void created by the fairly recent rejection of both belief and tradition; all of us now left… (...)
EbbSpark Seed Blossoms image Is telling people what we want to be true a lie? (Thu, 14 Nov 2019) - How often are we told things that aren’t entirely “true”? Say, for example, that women are equal to men. Theoretically I believe it’s absolutely true; but, in practice? In reality so much is set up within society, culture, relationships and economic structures that it’s not “really” true even if it should be.… (...)
EbbSpark Cygnets image Education as a breaking away? (Tue, 12 Nov 2019) - Is there a sense in which growing up "has" to mean breaking away from what went before? Does identity have to be defined "against" what we wish to be free of? It's one way of creating boundaries – pushing away from what’s around – but is it the only one? It’s surely… (...)
EbbSpark SkyLayers image True relationship within society? (Thu, 7 Nov 2019) - Much as we might talk of six degrees of separation between individuals, we could probably now draw in the ties between any two people on this planet. Whether it’s links of trade or development between governments and businesses or our respective representations in an increasingly globalised culture, there’s perhaps fairly little that… (...)


EbbSpark Circles image On whose terms? (Tue, 5 Nov 2019) - Isn’t it true that conversations happen using terms as they’re set? Civilisation, generally speaking, being this process of picking things up at the point previous generations handed them over. Life as this long, ongoing “conversation” humanity’s been… (...)
EbbSpark Corrugate image The power of convention (Sat, 2 Nov 2019) - If we were to break society down to its simplest form, isn’t it mainly about eating? Putting meals on the table, securing food sources, providing nourishment to those we love, sharing things politely and fairly. It perhaps… (...)
EbbSpark Shadows image Authenticity & writing our own story (Thu, 31 Oct 2019) - When I first came across the idea of authenticity it was in the context of states having freedom to decide their own form. Since then, it's more often cropped up in fields of self-development and the like:… (...)
EbbSpark PeacockTracks image Picking up after one another (Tue, 29 Oct 2019) - If we’re doing something but don’t quite do all that’s involved, what does that mean? Isn’t it that somebody – ourselves or someone else – ends up having to complete the task some other time? Anytime we’re… (...)
EbbSpark Paperbark image Things with life have to be maintained (Thu, 24 Oct 2019) - In very real ways, anything with life requires ongoing involvement to sustain itself. Nothing just ticks over, there's got to be all this activity of cleaning things up, fuelling growth and repair, supporting functions for a lifetime's… (...)
EbbSpark Barbed Grasses image What keeps us in check (Tue, 22 Oct 2019) - What holds us back in life? I'm thinking in the sense of restraint – what stops us from simply doing as "we" please? Is it external constraints like law and ostracization? Do we need rewards for doing… (...)
EbbSpark Cathedral Wood image Culture as a conversation across time (Sat, 19 Oct 2019) - It's intriguing to think how the ideas, characters and messages of culture travel across time in this perennial discussion of what it might mean to be human. It's a conversation that seems capable of crossing almost any… (...)
EbbSpark Muted Skies image Mastering life’s invisible realities (Thu, 17 Oct 2019) - So much in life can be seen as invisible – thought, social meaning, feelings, consequences, technology. All these areas where things happen, away from the clear light of day, that truly matter in so many ways. Tangible… (...)
EbbSpark Arching image Plausible deniability (Tue, 15 Oct 2019) - Do we sometimes say things without quite saying them? Knowing our words might be misconstrued, but continuing anyway; safe in the knowledge we can claim it’s not what we said and our meaning’s been misinterpreted. This plausible… (...)
EbbSpark Green Bark image Treating people like sims? (Thu, 10 Oct 2019) - Is it really the case that, behind closed doors, people treat our lives as if they're not quite real? As if hypothetical or projected outcomes aren't really lived through, felt and experienced by actual individuals. Maybe it’s… (...)
EbbSpark Hakea image How ideas find their place in the world (Tue, 8 Oct 2019) - How is it that ideas – these little beings from the realm of thought – ever make their way into the world and into our heads? Is it that we find them evidenced around us and, seeing… (...)



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