EbbSpark Beech Leaf image Common sense as a rare & essential quality (Tue, 24 Sep 2019) - How much do we truly, deeply understand the way things work? The way they fit together and the kind of thinking and action needed to ensure everything runs smoothly, safely and harmoniously for us all. Life can sometimes seem like a complicated mass of never-ending rules, opinions and expectations; separating the essential… (...)
EbbSpark Clematis Sun image Emotion and culture’s realities (Sat, 21 Sep 2019) - Emotion’s something we almost all have, tucked away somewhere or displayed up quite close to the surface. It’s probably one of our defining traits as humans: that we not only think but also feel about the life we’re living. Between timeless subconscious fears, emotions accompanying memory, and those tracking back ahead of… (...)


EbbSpark Grouping image People, roles, reading that rightly (Thu, 19 Sep 2019) - Can we separate people from their roles? In every area of life – workplace, community, relationships, society itself – aren’t we always playing some kind of role? We assume these parts, act consistently, and, doing so, make… (...)
EbbSpark Spikes image Which voice can we trust? (Tue, 17 Sep 2019) - Knowing who to trust – understanding enough of the world around you and the nature of people within it – could be life’s most important challenge. How are we to see through any lies, attempts at persuasion,… (...)
EbbSpark Wandering image Those who are leading us (Thu, 12 Sep 2019) - Can we trust those currently in charge of things? The premise seems to be that we “can” and should; that society’s been set up so the “best people” for the job end up in these positions of… (...)
EbbSpark Apples image Humanity & creative instincts (Tue, 10 Sep 2019) - Being creative can seem like a switch we have to press, a skillset we either have or we don’t, but is that really true? Isn’t it that we’re all being creative all of the time? Beyond the… (...)
EbbSpark Free image “The Obstacle is the Way” (Sat, 7 Sep 2019) - How we face up to what stands before us seems the essential human question – we see, we think, and, somehow, have to decide what to do. Do we let the world throw us off course, hem… (...)
EbbSpark Delicate image Do we really need incentives? (Thu, 5 Sep 2019) - Is it true that we need some kind of material compulsion to act, some threat or promise to motivate our engagement? It seems to be pretty commonplace thinking – as if it’s this incontrovertible fact of human… (...)
EbbSpark Interventions image Ethics, money & social creativity (Tue, 3 Sep 2019) - It’s fascinating, and daunting, to think how all our actions are connected. Perhaps they always have been, just not to this extent or with this degree of relative openness and scrutiny. While the true breadth and intention… (...)
EbbSpark Twisting image Letting people change (Thu, 29 Aug 2019) - How easy is it to let people change? To not hold them hostage to expectations, mistakes or patterns of behaviour but let them emerge into something new; perhaps something they've long been hoping for and working towards.… (...)
EbbSpark Fallen image Any escape from cause & consequence? (Tue, 27 Aug 2019) - Thinking about the things we say and do, it’s interesting to consider if anything’s without consequence. Even if we don’t “see it”, all these things effectively land somewhere, causing ripples that spread into the individual and collective… (...)
EbbSpark Reaching image Knowing who to trust (Thu, 22 Aug 2019) - When we think of community, I’d imagine it’s some picture of togetherness, knowing one another and feeling engaged in the same project with similar ideas in mind (Notes One). That seems how the word’s often used: idealistic… (...)



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