Colours of autumn leaves Values, and what’s in evidence (Tue, 28 Jan 2020) - In all that surrounds us, what’s seeming most important? Isn’t our world, in many ways, painting a picture of what we’re generally considering important? Our actions within it showing which elements we are treasuring most? Life, then, could be a place where our values are always quite clear for everyone to see.… (...)
Reflections of a forest in a pool All in such a rush (Thu, 23 Jan 2020) - With modern life, is it that we now have endless amounts to do in the same, finite amount of time? There seem no limits to all we could pursue as, potentially, we could be talking to every single person or showing interest in whatever it is they’ve decided to put out into… (...)
Sun lighting clouds across sky What is it with tone? (Tue, 21 Jan 2020) - Something that often tends to bother me greatly is “tone”. Ultimately, I suppose it’s this sense of what words are coated with? All that surrounds them with extra weight or emotion. Doesn’t “all that” effectively change the meaning of our words themselves? Or, at least, place them within a broader context that… (...)
Golden autumn leaves on ground Culture as information (Sat, 18 Jan 2020) - To what extent is culture simply information? A set of ideas about how to live, or a reflection of how we are living. Options for how to go about being human that come to life and play themselves out before us; so, hopefully, we can learn from what we see and decide… (...)
Beech tree canopy in forest Freedom, responsibility & choice (Thu, 16 Jan 2020) - In this world full of choices, where exactly do we stand? Are we the ones making choices, having choices made for us, or simply feeling the impacts of choices happening around us? The Western world, in particular, seems to be where a lot of choice is being offered – every single aspect… (...)
Clematis blossom set against foliage How much do intentions matter? (Tue, 14 Jan 2020) - In the scheme of things, how much do our intentions actually matter? Given how often, somewhere between the birth of our idea and the place it reaches its target, things seem to go awry, does it matter what we meant if the results are quite different? We could have the finest intentions… (...)
Clouds echoing form of a treeline EbbSpark & the value in thought (Thu, 9 Jan 2020) - Writing for this site, I’ve tended to ask myself at these regular intervals where this is headed – checking in that things haven’t gone off track or wandered down some dark alley too removed from reality to be of use. Because, genuinely, I write as much for myself as any audience, as… (...)
EbbSpark Mountains image Too much responsibility? (Tue, 31 Dec 2019) - Talking about life and how we’re living it, the concept of responsibility comes up fairly often (Notes One), alongside that of freedom. What are we to make of all the freedom, all the choices, modern life’s laying at our feet? How much do we understand the meaning of each decision we’re faced… (...)


EbbSpark Cactus image Whether we make a difference (Thu, 26 Dec 2019) - In all of life, doesn’t everything we do matter? Everything, eventually, touching upon others through the words, thoughts or actions we're choosing. Isn’t it all rippling out in every direction to become part of everyone’s lives? We… (...)
EbbSpark PeachWand image Beauty and wonder in nature (Tue, 24 Dec 2019) - Isn't nature quite simply incredible? All the innate intelligence and breath-taking beauty of its forms, formulations, colours, patterns and behaviours. The world’s offering this impressive picture of harmonious integration that, unfortunately, stands in fairly harsh contrast to… (...)
EbbSpark LeucaColours image Places of belonging & acceptance (Sat, 21 Dec 2019) - Of all the books in life, perhaps one of the most beautiful I've ever read or will read is “Eternal Echoes” by the late John O’Donohue – “Exploring our hunger to belong” and, in doing so, capturing… (...)
EbbSpark Leaf Drama image Society that doesn’t deal with the soul (Thu, 19 Dec 2019) - With everything that’s going on in life, it’s strange to think no one’s really so concerned with what’s going on inside – our inner lives or, for want of another word, the soul. If we were to… (...)
EbbSpark Rusted Doors image Making ends meet (Tue, 17 Dec 2019) - When we talk of making ends meet, it’s often a statement related to individuals: how well we’re balancing desire with capacity and finding the financial resources to square away all the essential items that make up our… (...)
EbbSpark Stepped Wall image What if solutions aren’t solutions? (Thu, 12 Dec 2019) - What if, despite all our finest efforts and ideas, we don’t yet have the answers? If, looking to either past or present, the plans we dreamt up and systems we’ve set in motion simply don’t lead where… (...)
EbbSpark Shore image Going towards the unknown (Tue, 10 Dec 2019) - Of all the things that exist in the world, how many can we say we already know and understand? And, how many of those ideas we have in mind could we claim to be completely true and… (...)
EbbSpark Harvest Sun image What’s the idea with culture? (Sat, 7 Dec 2019) - Looking at life, large chunks of time seem to be immersed in what’s called “culture” – all the shows, movies, podcasts, literature, productions, songs and performances that, grouped together, become this world of stories we tell, voices… (...)
EbbSpark Spring Tree image Is this the ultimate test? (Thu, 5 Dec 2019) - With everything that’s going on these days, it’s fairly tempting to predict that we’re pretty close to “ruining” what we have on this planet – the chance at living. If harmonious coexistence with one another and the… (...)
EbbSpark TrunkShadow image Living as a form of art (Tue, 3 Dec 2019) - If we take creativity to be a process of looking at what’s around us, understanding the materials we’re working with, then crafting our own unique response based around that perception and skill, how dissimilar is it from… (...)



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