Young heron walking over grass Can our thinking match realities? (Thu, 26 Nov 2020) - From all the separate pockets of fact, insight and expertise, is it still possible for us to draw together a truthful and meaningful understanding of all life is? Can the intense knowledge of each field pool into one balanced sense of “reality”? And, if it can, are the paths we should take… (...)
Willow leaves curving against blue sky How fast can it all unravel? (Tue, 24 Nov 2020) - If we’ve not fully understood things – what they mean, why they matter, how to carry them forward – how quickly can they fall away? Is it a year, a decade, a lifetime, a generation or two? Even if we’re partly understanding, partly conveying, it seems likely things would drift after only… (...)
Grasses against hazy background Going along with what we see (Sat, 21 Nov 2020) - In our minds, how clear are the lines between reality and illusion? Taking it that culture, broadly speaking, is a form of symbolism standing in for reality and somehow helping us navigate it, how blurred are those points where it touches on the realities of our lives but doesn’t quite stand honestly… (...)
Sheets of pale bark peeling off tree trunk Times of revelation (Thu, 19 Nov 2020) - How much, in life, is simply revealed by the course of time? Situations or truths that are there, resting somewhere beneath the surface, until such a time as they’re uncovered and exposed to the light of day. Isn’t it generally true of health and age? That imbalances, weaknesses or problematic lifestyle factors… (...)
Pink flowers set against branches of a Gum tree Is this complicated or relatively simple? (Tue, 17 Nov 2020) - Where do we stand between complexity and simplicity? Life, in many ways, seems undeniably complex, but, when broken down, aren’t the individual transactions or choices relatively simple? As if “all this” is a complex sequence of simple steps drawn together in ways that ultimately work wisely, harmoniously, sustainably – at least with… (...)
Butterfly flying off beam against sky Do markets create strange social forces? (Thu, 12 Nov 2020) - Much as society might revolve around the idea of markets, what does that actually mean for us as the humans living within them? While it might, as a way of life, purport to meet all our needs, isn’t this also chipping away at our self-worth and long-term security on this planet? Arranging… (...)
Honeysuckle tendrils reaching for sky How would we like to live? (Tue, 10 Nov 2020) - If we had the choice, how would we really “like” to live? Would it really be a case of, somehow, escaping society to live lives of luxury completely devoid of meaningful connections with our kind? This “winning the lottery” notion of rising above our peers to enjoy all life’s pleasures with none… (...)
Chain of cogs, engaged World, heading for a breakdown? (Sat, 7 Nov 2020) - Even before everything else, was it true that the modern world was heading for some form of breakdown? That things were getting so out of balance they were almost destined to fall apart. So many different, important problems jutting up against each other – incompatible, contradictory “solutions” overlapping to cause additional difficulties… (...)
Droplets on a bright green leaf Green as an idea (Thu, 5 Nov 2020) - Looking at how we live in the world, what’s the best way of seeing things? Given how we each stand within our environment, how are we to look at this one shared reality and plot collective courses within it? It seems an intriguing thought, given how we’re essentially thinking beings trying to… (...)
Birch foliage caught by the wind The battlegrounds of our minds (Tue, 3 Nov 2020) - As humans, how do we stand in the world? Isn’t the essence of “us”, at least a significant part of it, that we reflect the world in thought? That, of all the creatures, we see things with our minds, put those observations into words and share those thoughts with others. Being human… (...)
Partial moon against blue sky Do we live in different worlds? (Thu, 29 Oct 2020) - At this point, is it true that we essentially live in quite different worlds? Each person increasingly seeing this world their own way, informed by their own experiences, ideas and conclusions as to what it all means. Everyone, then, responding to what they encounter in their own way, based on their own… (...)


Small white flowers against an earth bank Values, compromise & how things are (Tue, 27 Oct 2020) - How often in life are people going into things with the finest of intentions, only to have that spirit crushed by the weight of “how things are”? This idea that, somewhere, there’s a point between “dreams”, “money”… (...)
Torn and twisted bark of a tree If life’s a sum, are our choices calculations? (Thu, 22 Oct 2020) - Thinking of all the ways our lives can be boiled down to figures, everything reduced to money and the decisions we’re most likely to make given the resources we have to hand, isn’t it almost true that… (...)
Parrot within colourful foliage What does it mean to be tolerant? (Tue, 20 Oct 2020) - What is it, to let another exist in your presence? To not challenge something we find questionable, but let it coexist peaceably alongside our own views, in full acceptance of another’s right to be or think however… (...)
Magpie perching on a broken branch Voices within cultural life (Sat, 17 Oct 2020) - With all the voices talking at us each day, where exactly are they coming from? Which of these are voices from within our own society, as opposed to those speaking out of other societies with all of… (...)
Tamarisk buds against muted blue sky The optimism in nature (Thu, 15 Oct 2020) - Isn’t nature incredibly optimistic? Always shifting, growing, developing, interacting. Everything wisely and harmoniously balanced in the sense of order generally being maintained and any loss being another’s gain. A complex dance of relentless hope, courage and persistence… (...)
Gum trees standing against rain and wind Using shame as a weapon (Tue, 13 Oct 2020) - Are we right to use shame as a weapon? While it might, in some ways, be effective, is that enough of a justification for us to wield it as freely as we do? Sometimes it seems we’re… (...)
Moss and fallen branches by pool in the forest Words & relating as paths to change (Thu, 8 Oct 2020) - As humans, are we generally leaving others with the burden of our words? How we’re choosing to relate to others lingering in the air as another’s estimation of our worth, value, identity or purpose in life. As… (...)
Bird perched on a branch All that we carry around with us (Tue, 6 Oct 2020) - Until we figure it out, are we destined to be carrying things round with us? All the experiences, lessons, words, judgements, relationships, hopes, expectations, regrets, wounds, feelings and memories bound up within us or bubbling to the… (...)
Muted shades of coloured bark Tuning out the static (Sat, 3 Oct 2020) - Of all that’s thrown at us all day, how much do we truly need to tune into? How much of “this” is the vitally essential information that’s serving to keep humanity informed of itself – in the… (...)
Eagle between clouds in the sky Appealing to human nature or the human spirit (Thu, 1 Oct 2020) - In life, can’t we always choose to go low or high? These two basic options that lie open before us as the paths we might take. Is it possible to ask which is strongest or more reliable?… (...)
Winding trail behind woodland stream Does technology oversimplify things? (Tue, 29 Sep 2020) - For all the good technology does us, is there a danger of it oversimplifying things? Making the complexities of our lives seem deceptively simple to the point where we don’t fully appreciate all we’re engaged in. As… (...)



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