EbbSpark LoneGum image Humans, judgement & shutting down (Thu, 11 Jul 2019) - When we feel evaluated by the world around us, how do we respond? What’s it like to exist within a social space of observation, criticism and opinion rather than one of acceptance? At times, it seems we… (...)
EbbSpark Falling image Oh, to be young again? (Tue, 9 Jul 2019) - It's interesting to think how much we’re valuing youth – the innocent potential, perhaps, of a fresh start and a future. How greatly we're prizing those attributes when, really, it’s only a matter of time before youth… (...)
EbbSpark Rosemary Wood image Meaning in a world of novelty (Sat, 6 Jul 2019) - Can novelty, in itself, ever “be” meaningful? As in, the simple act of being new somehow being enough in terms of meaning. It’s a kind of creativity, I guess: this endless game of form, variety, imagination, relationship,… (...)
EbbSpark Allium image What’s not essential (Thu, 4 Jul 2019) - Of everything that’s happening in life, what really matters? Which things could be very easily left undone and the world as a whole would be none the worse off? Because it’s often seeming that much of human… (...)
EbbSpark Steps image Society as an imposition? (Tue, 2 Jul 2019) - At some point, society almost inevitably gets to us – a point where we're asked to do or not do something for the sake of others. This sense of consideration, compromise, constraint or contribution that essentially gets… (...)
EbbSpark Missing image Effect, if everything’s a drama (Thu, 27 Jun 2019) - In a world where our awareness of all that’s “wrong” is forever increasing, how are we to manage? Is a reality filled with constant revelations of human or systemic shortcoming on the global scale something the mind… (...)
EbbSpark Blossoms image The insatiable desire for more (Tue, 25 Jun 2019) - Is there any limit to how much we're after? Any point at which we'll feel we have enough? It sometimes seems seen as a sign of undeserved constraint: that we “should” be able to have more and,… (...)



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