A twist of barbed wire set against fields The incredible responsibility of freedom (Tue, 26 May 2020) - Imagining freedom as this network of fine lines between us – all the choices we’re free to enjoy within society’s invisible contract, up to the point where those actions might infringe upon others – how much faith… (...)
Roots of an established, uprooted tree Knowing the value of what you have (Thu, 21 May 2020) - How much do we value what we have in life? Sometimes it seems a lot more time is spent drawing up lists of wishes or things we’d like to change than is spent appreciating all we actually… (...)
Pebbles lodged in crack of rock Where’s the reset button & can we press it? (Tue, 19 May 2020) - If the world were a system we could somehow reset, which point would we choose to return to? Beyond that, could we actually be confident we’d do much better at things than we have done? While it… (...)



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