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Media immediacy

Related slightly to the Trying to understand our times post, my concern here is about how we are living blow-by-blow as diplomacy and democracy are tested as they haven’t been in a fair while. The last time things in the West were so heated, information was delivered by a much slower form of media and one that operated by pretty different codes of responsibility in terms of truth and also its likely impact.

It seems we are being constantly tossed and turned between conflicting and often contradictory opinions while waiting for actual facts to emerge, and I wonder at the psychological and social impact of masses of people being deeply emotionally affected by what often seems to be merely opinion or conjecture (possibly for the sake of revenue or political advantage).

I’m a fan of facts and of trusting in and using the proper channels within democratic society to express concerns and ensure proper paths are taken. These systems are here and built on the ideological foundations of previous generations; now they are being tested and can hopefully be refined and strengthened to support our societies in taking informed and responsible directions.

It seems we are being encouraged to indulge in immediate reactions and emotive responses, and while these are valid in a way and tell us many useful things about what matters most to us all, it may be time to take a step back from that cycle rather than keep perpetuating it with our fears and uncertainties.

As discussed earlier in a post on Communication and the process of change, this seems a time to be calmly listening to others, understanding more fully, and articulating clear intentions for the values and priorities of our societies.

No one seems to really know where things are headed right now, but if we believe in the values of our way of life and are committed to finding constructive ways forward I see hope in that.

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