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So, this is EbbSpark

I’m not sure how you will have found me, but I like that you have so thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it’s of interest.

Originally I had planned simply to just start with the content I have prepared, but decided instead to begin here by offering some context. Clearly there is a lot going on in the world at the moment and while I always intended to steer clear of topical issues and talk more generally, in the end I saw more value in addressing a few deeper issues first before reverting to my original plan. So, to begin there will be a few posts about change and modern times but then the focus will shift back to the starting point of society and some of the things we seem to value and concern ourselves with.

To reiterate, in using the terms “we” or “our” I am referring to my own perspective within Western society and the UK in particular – language can be quite a stumbling block at times, but I trust that people from other backgrounds will be able to orientate themselves relative to my position as there’s really little other way for me to speak.

As outlined on the About and Themes pages, there is a fairly detailed plan for the path this writing will take over the next year as these ideas develop and weave their way. That all has to start somewhere, I suppose, and that place seems to be here.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you check back to see where this is heading.

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